Our Focus

Four thematic areas guide Better Together’s agenda for advancing educational and career outcomes: Early Learning and Wellness, Supporting Families, Bridges between major transition, and Education to Career alignment. Community partners organize in Workgroups (see Find Your Role) to identify needs and develop initiatives. 


Shared Outcomes

For each thematic area community partners have identified measures we use to gage the impact of our work.  We share 9 primary outcome measures and 16 secondary indicators.

Early Learning & Wellness

Supporting children & families
Before birth to 8

• Quality early learning environments
• Health and developmental screening
• Early Kindergarden registration
• Kindergarden attendance

Education/Training to Career

Aligning educational experiences and skills with career opportunities

  • Businesses, non-profits, government agencies actively host student interns
  • Students engage in career exploration opportunities while in high school or post-secondary training/college

Supporting Families

Empowering families with information and long-term resources

  • Children have their basic food and housing needs met
  • 3rd graders have a growing post-high school education savings account
  • Families access post-high school information and resources
  • Families feel safe and welcome at their children’s school
  • Families are involved in community-based activities


Bridging vulnerable periods to ensure long-term student success

  • Middle school students feel safe and welcome at their school
  • 9th graders linked to mentor
  • Youth remain connected with school during and after disciplinary action
  • Students take 3+ college level courses before the end of high school
  • Students persist from fall to fall in college