Cradle to Career Framework

map of collective action

Too many of our children and youth in Central Oregon do not have what they need to thrive. Fixing this multi-layered systemic issue is not about adding programs that only address surface-level symptoms of the problem, nor is it only about meeting the needs of a few impacted individuals. It’s about thinking differently, adding seats to decision-making tables, and listening to community members. It means acting collectively, outside of our silos to transform systems. And our solution remains rooted in the value that we can do better if we do it together. No organization or sector can tackle this massive challenge alone. Better Together and the Early Learning Hub (BT+ELH) have aligned our efforts across sectors and communities to transform systems, prenatal to career, with you. Our network is 400 stakeholders strong and comes from early care and education, school districts, higher education, healthcare partners, foundations, government, business and industry, parents, and members of the community at large. We are BT+ELH.

BT+ELH has redoubled its focus on equity work and elevating all voices necessary to inform and strengthen our initiatives. It’s not enough to just name the disparities that exist between students of color, low-income students, emerging bilingual students, students with disabilities, rural students, and their peers. To move the needle and close gaps in our shared outcomes, prenatal to career, we must co-create solutions with the communities we serve.

At BT+ELH tables, everyone’s contribution is welcome, lived experience matters, and your input is needed to transform systems to best support our communities.