Families access post-high school information and resources

Preparing to navigate the world of higher education and post-secondary training can be daunting and perceived as out of reach for many families. For adults who did not advance their own training after high school, the idea of supporting their children through this process may feel intimidating or not a priority. An additional challenge for many Central Oregon families and youth is the perceived and/or actual inability to leave their immediate geographic location to pursue higher education and training opportunities. When youth, young adults and families are guided to and through higher education and training options, more view it as a real, attainable possibility. And for place-bound youth, these opportunities must be closer to home, literally.

Our higher education institutions, schools and many community based organizations are lending critical support to families and youth by reaching out with culturally appropriate, accessible information and resources. While there is currently no method to capture this data on a community level, Better Together is convening leaders from Central Oregon Community College, Oregon State University-Cascades, Oregon State University-Open Campus, The College Place, ASPIRE, and middle and high schools to explore ways to leverage each others’ resources and collectively reach more families, more efficiently and effectively.

Reference: Shields, Nancy. “Understanding Place-bound Students: Correlates and Consequences of Limited Educational Opportunities.” Social Psychology of Education 7, no. 3 (2004): 353-76.

Better Together

Working together to increase the number of students graduating from high school, continuing their education & training after high school, and ultimately beginning work in a career they find meaningful.