Families feel safe and welcome at their children’s school

If students feel safe and welcome at school, does it matter how their families feel in and about the school hallways and classrooms? In fact, a growing body of research is linking student success to the level of family engagement with their child’s learning and school. The takeaway?  When schools move beyond just an open door policy by actively and intentionally welcoming and engaging families, children reap the benefit of increased academic performance, persistence and well being.

teacher and studentA united partnership between schools and families affords educators the ability to reinforce, respect and support the unique needs and qualities of each student. Within a welcoming school environment, educators are able to build authentic relationships with families which are foundational to family engagement with their children’s long term success.  When families are empowered to participate and invest in their children’s learning, the work of the schools is reinforced and nurtured at home.

Although this data is not currently available, Better Together, in partnership with local schools, will develop a tool for collecting this outcome based data from Central Oregon families.

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