3rd graders have a growing post-high school education savings account

Children’s self-confidence and belief in the value of higher education is set much earlier than we typically acknowledge. And the importance of dreaming with children about their future is too often overlooked. Children who live in families and communities that believe in their potential to advance beyond high school and who engage them in early and frequent conversations about their futures are significantly more likely to continue their education and training after completing high school. When we believe in children, they will believe in themselves.

In response to this important measure, we are working collectively to ensure that every child in family at school open houseCentral Oregon has started a post-secondary savings account by the time they leave 3rd grade and has a variety of ways to grow this account over time. We are calling the emerging initiative, Future Accounts, and it is a tool through which students can save actual funds and it will help the adults in their lives start and sustain more conversations with them about their future. Both are critical to shifting the norm and expectations of long-term student success and developing an attitude of lifelong learning.


Reference: The University of Texas at Austin, Child and Family Research Partnership. “Seeding the College Dream: Final Report: An Evaluation of the Child Support for College Asset-Building Initiative.” (2013).http://childandfamilyresearch.org.