Partnering with families to ensure access to information, resources, and safe & welcoming schools.


The Latinx Success Initiative is focused on aligned and integrated solutions to partnering with Latinx Families to ensure access to education, information, and resources. Projects within this work include:

  • Early Spanish Literacy: programs for Latinx children ages 3-10 that bring parents into schools to practice Spanish literacy with their children
  • College Readiness: programs that invite Latinx families into schools
  • Equity training and learning: bringing resources for training and learning to schools and youth-serving programs that address systemic racism

Culture of Care: is focused on creating trauma-informed schools through training and professional learning communities of administrators, teachers and staff. Additionally, this work increases mental health capacity in schools across the region.

LGBTQ School Success: The vision for this burgeoning initiative is threefold:

  • Central Oregon Schools are intersectional settings where youth can be their authentic selves.
  • Central Oregon schools are places where LGBTQ students are safe and seen and have equal opportunity and protection.
  • Central Oregon is a place where LGBTQ youth want to stick around

Better Together

Working together to increase the number of students graduating from high school, continuing their education & training after high school, and ultimately beginning work in a career they find meaningful.