Employers actively host student interns and youth & young adults engage in career exploration opportunities

Too many young adults are entering the workplace without the skills necessary for successful employment. And youth have fewer opportunities than previous generations to hone many of these “soft skills” through entry level jobs. Without quality work experience opportunities, too few youth have a place to build their skills before entering the workplace as young adults, which leaves both our employers and young adults feeling frustrated.

A better alignment between educational experiences and future career opportunities is necessary if youth and young adults are to be engaged and gainfully employed in our region. In response to this growing urgency is the emerging Youth CareerConnect initiative, which envisions a seamless path to paid summer internships for youth/young adults (ages 16-24) and hosting employers. By leveraging existing organization and agency efforts, Youth CareerConnect will systematically link youth to appropriate employers and provide the critical soft skills (reliability, self-management, initiative, etc.)that are necessary for employment success.

Reference: State of Oregon Employment Department. “Endangered: Youth in the Labor Force.” (May 2014). http://oregonwfpartnership.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/Youth-in-the-Labor-Force.pdf