Primary Medical Care Provider

A primary medical care home is a patient-centered approach to primary health care based on a relationship between the physician and the patient. The original concept involved providing coordinated care for children with disabilities, but is now recognized as ideal care for all children. In Oregon this approach is a key component to addressing the vision of better health, better care, and lower cost for all Oregonians by reducing errors, improving quality, increasing satisfaction, and coordinating a patient’s health across a continuum of services.

97% of children 0-6 on Oregon Health Plan are assigned to a Primary Care HomeCoordinated Care Organizations serve people on the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) and focus on care integration and prevention. Because primary care homes are at the heart of Oregon’s health system transformation efforts, Coordinated Care Organizations are required to include and track enrollment in primary care homes in their networks of care. This is a shared metric with PacificSource Community Solutions, the Coordinated Care Organization in Central Oregon, and the regions Early Learning Hub.

Data Source: Wells, Kate. “CCO Measures for Better Together.” PacificSource Community Solutions, Community Health Development. E-mail to authors, September 9, 2014.


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