“The future depends on what we do in the present.”  — Mahatma Gandhi

The Bridges Initiatives are designed to help students and families transition from middle school to high school and then to college. The 8+9 Project and Cascades Commitment workgroups focus on accelerating student achievement in the transition points on that journey.

Shared Outcomes

  • Middle school students feel safe and welcome at their school
  • 8th graders are math proficient
  • 9th graders are on-track for high school graduation
  • 9th graders regularly attend school
  • 9th graders linked to mentor
  • Youth remain connected with school during and after disciplinary action
  • Students take 3+ college level courses before the end of high school
  • Students are ready for college-level coursework
  • Students persist from fall to fall in college

The 8+9 Project

The 8+9 Project support students in the transition from middle school to high school.

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